New Year, New Theme

27. January 2017 Blogging 0
I really wasn’t feeling the Twenty Sixteen theme, so I changed to one named Small Blog, a theme and am liking it much better. It uses a lighter font for the headlines and and I like the header photo placement of this one better.

Disorganized Management

27. January 2017 Blog 0
January is traditionally considered the month of new everything. It starts with the New Years resolutions. In the new year, I will… lose weight, get a new job, start a new hobby, travel more, get more organized and so on. I stopped making resolutions years ago. My feeling is if you want to start something ...

Turkey Day is Coming!

21. November 2016 Blog 0
Turkey Day is Coming!
Thanksgiving is a few days away now and I’m cooking for a crew is year. We’ll have me and hubs, our two kids, his mama, my mom, my daughter and her fiancé, her son, his son and his mother.That’s eleven for dinner, plus we usually have a few trickle in later in the evening. Not ...

It’s all new to me.

21. November 2016 Blogging 0
Once I decided to create my blog, I Googled the hell out of how-tos. It all sounded so easy, but being a bit skeptical I didn’t think it would start off without a few hiccups. And I was right. First, I decided on a name – On Gardengate – and went through to buy my domain ...

Here On Gardengate.

16. November 2016 About 0
Here On Gardengate.
Gardengate is a narrow dirt road that leads to our family home. A place where we live day-to-day life, working and raising two grandkids. We live On Gardengate, but this is also our jumping off point to so much more. We’re fortunate to be in an area of North Carolina that sits halfway between the mountains ...